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Forgiveness Pt 2

Forgiveness Pt 2

Last week we were about to ask some questions about forgiveness. So lets ask them.

Question 1: Does God want to forgive me?

If God did not want to forgive us how come everywhere in the Bible it says He forgives people. I mean it would be ridiculous to forgive people if you really didn’t want to forgive them.

In Ps 103:3 God says he wants to give us benefits. One of those benefits is forgiving our sins. Sounds like He wants to forgive us.

In 1 John 1:9 it says He is faithful and just. Why is He faithful and just?

The verse continues on… to forgive us our sins… Again it sounds like He wants to forgive me, and He does. He wants to benefit us by forgiving our sins and he wants us to know it is in his character (faithful and just) to forgive us our sins.

So does God want to forgive us? You bet He does!

Happy trails

Ps Scott



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