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Forgiveness Pt 3

Forgiveness Pt 3

Question 2: Do I have a part to play in this forgiveness?

Concerning God forgiving us, the Bible makes it plain that for Him to forgive me I must do at least two things.

The first is found in Matt 6:14 & 15 and the other is in 1 John 1:9. In Matt 6:14 & 15 – to be forgiven by God I must first forgive others. In other words I must first give to others what I am actually seeking for myself. In God’s kingdom you cannot hold unforgiveness in your heart against someone and expect to get forgiveness for yourself. If you want to receive forgiveness you must be ready to give it first. You must forgive if you want to be forgiven.

God will help through this if you do have unforgiveness in your heart. He won’t leave you to do it all by yourself. But the ball starts in your court, not others.

In 1 John 1:9 we find the second thing we must do to be forgiven – confess our sins to God. Notice it doesn’t say think them or just cry about them. No, it says confess them, that is “speak out that which you did, thought or said” to God.

This does two things. One is that in confessing your sin you are taking ownership of that sin. You did it so you are confessing to it. But also it allows you to hear by your own words the crime against God that you committed.

It is like in a court room where the defendant has the crimes that he is charged with read out so he can hear his sins against society and hopefully feel convicted and confess to them and plead guilty. By confessing your sins or reading them out to God you hear your crimes, so to speak, and feel convicted and plead guilty. But in God’s court you will always be forgiven – ALWAYS, as long as you do both these things – forgive others and confess your sin.

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