Forgiveness Pt 3

Forgiveness Pt 3

Question 2: How many times will God forgive me? Remember God is not like us, we are to be like Him. In Matt 18:21-22 we have Peter asking Jesus about how many times he should forgive his brother. Peter asks if seven times was enough.

Jesus said no.

WHAT!!!! Isn’t seven times in one day enough? I mean if I let some person off the hook seven times that’s got to be pretty good in any one’s eyes. But God doesn’t look at things as we do, he sees the bigger picture.

Jesus said no to Peter and gave him an answer that is mind blowing– forgive seventy times seven IN ONE DAY. Not just seven times, but seventy times seven, which is 490 times.

If you work that out it equates to approximately every three minutes of the day. Now if Jesus requires Peter to forgive that often don’t you think he would do the same for us? Jesus would not ask us to do anything he would not do (or has done) himself.

Jesus basically said to Peter you are to forgive your brother all the time, because that is what I will do for you – seventy times seven. That is why I get so blown away by God’s forgiveness. He is so generous with it.

I hope you sit down and allow the scriptures I have given to sink in and make a difference in your life, and if they do, I bet you will get excited about God’s forgiveness as much as I do. I hope it becomes one of your top five.

Happy trails.

Ps Scott


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