Prosperity Pt 2

Prosperity (part 2)

Well, here we are again.  Last time we talked about prosperity, what it actually means and was God against it.  Well we can’t go over it all again because of space and well, space!  But just to refresh your memory we found out that prosperity actually means ‘to be helped on one’s way’ and we also found out that God is all for it and not against it.

Now if God is all for it, why is he all for it?  I mean why would he want to help me financially or prosper me?  Could it be so I can meet my financial obligations?  Well, yes actually.  Could it be so I can line my own pockets and hoard up heaps for myself?  Well, no actually.

There are at least two reasons why God would want to prosper you.  As already mentioned the first one is so you can meet your financial obligations and needs (Phil 4:19, Prov 3:9-10, 2 Cor 9:8).  But there is a second reason why God would want to prosper you.  That is prosper ‘to help on ones way’ other people.  So God, in prospering you, enables you to prosper other people as well.  You see, money in God’s economy or his way of doing things, is not about hoarding up, storing up or hiding away money from everyone else and keeping it for yourself.  It is about meeting your needs and helping to meet the needs of others.  And not only that but when we begin prospering other people we enter into a spiritual law called ‘giving and receiving’.  Now right here some of you have just shut off and said to yourselves “well Scott I was a little interested in what you were saying but this giving and receiving thing sounds just like those prosperity teachers”.  Well I don’t mean to sound like ‘one of those prosperity teachers’ (whatever they may sound like).  The fact is the bible states through Paul in the book of Philipians that the church in that city, by helping Paul entered into a partnership of giving and receiving (Phil 4:15).  The book of Proverbs states the same in chapter 11, verse 24 and 25 so there is something to it.

Now that is not what I really want to talk about in this issue, so sorry I digressed.  Let’s get back to prospering others.  The bible has a lot to say about this giving to others and prospering the.  Here are just some:

Deut 15:7-11

V8… “instead be generous and lend…..”

V10.. “give to freely and unselfishly….”

Acts11:29 The disciples decided to send as much as they could to help fellow believers.

Rom 12:13 Share your belongings with needy Christians

Heb 13:16 Do good and help one another, for these things please God

Eph4:28 Work so you can help others (Acts 20:34-35)

Luke 3:11 Give and don’t be selfish

1 Tim 6:18 Do good works, be generous and share with others

Not to mention the scriptures that talk about our duty to the poor and how we should prosper them.

So now that I have stimulated your thinking on this matter (well I hope I have), when you see God helping you on your way consider hoe maybe you can help somebody else on their way.  In the next issue I want to talk about HOW to give and prosper other people.  The bible talks about how to give our money and how not to give our money.  We must be good stewards and not necessarily be soft touches to all needy people, but we will talk on that as I said in the next issue.

Happy trails.

Ps Scott

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